Anastasia Lallas Read

stacebruce_shvd_23d4-350x250Since childhood Anastasia has been fascinated by the possibilities offered by space. Her primary formative impression of the Built Environment was as a child, standing over the deep hole being dug for the foundation of Chicago’s John Hancock Building. From that moment, a desire to take control of her surroundings, to establish order and beauty, to master spatial organization and how buildings are built, led her to Interior Design and Architecture School.

Anastasia’s goal is to achieve her client’s dreams for their living and working environments, to make real their imagined spaces. She thinks of the interior in terms of the exterior, and vice versa. The silence between spaces is as important as the most intricately wrought façade. The unique combination of exterior and interior design expertise she offers facilitates immersive, custom-designed environments, expressions of a clients’ innermost sensibilities. No translation of the client’s spatial dreams is too ambitious or too modest, and she gives every client her all.

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Texas Licensed Interior Designer #10158
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(Anastasia is currently undertaking her architect exams.)

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